All-on-4 is a revolutionary technique that provides full-teeth replacement for your upper or lower jaw with only four dental implants. These titanium implants are strategically placed to ensure a secure foundation for a beautifully crafted, high-quality fixed denture.

There are many advantages to choosing All-on-4 over a traditional removable denture. Some of these include:

  • No loose or slipping dentures
  • A second chance to enjoy a full and beautiful new smile
  • Stronger bite for enjoying your favorite healthy foods
  • Improved comfort, speech, and sleep with the secure fixed denture
  • No denture adhesives needed
  • Return to normal oral hygiene regimen—no soaking required
  • Protect your jaw with implants that function like tooth roots to prevent bone loss

All-on-4 is less invasive than single implant replacements when trying to replace all teeth in a jaw. Since only four implants are needed to replace a full upper or lower set of teeth, All-on-4 requires less healing time and is a more comfortable solution compared to a full set of single implants. For most patients, the transformation is accomplished in a single surgical procedure. In addition, the custom-crafted fixed bridge is placed during the same visit as the implants, so you have beautiful results more quickly—in a more cost-effective manner—than with single implant replacements.

Dr. Aidan Phan is a trained and certified oral surgery specialist with extensive experience with All-on-4. Our doctor believes surgical procedures have the highest success rate when performed correctly the first time. It is always more costly and difficult to attempt repairs after failed procedures. The All-on-4 implant treatment can be very technically challenging. Because our doctors have performed thousands of dental implant surgeries across a large and diverse patient population, we may have expertise that is not available in other practices. Our team will review your unique oral health needs and goals to help determine whether All-on-4 is right for you.

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