Sinus lift patient

High-quality dental implants are a beautiful solution for missing teeth. Unfortunately, some people have insufficient bone structure between the upper teeth and the sinus cavity (the area above the upper teeth and below the cheekbones). When this bone is too thin, dental implants are unable to be placed. Fortunately, Dr. Aidan Phan and Dr. Stephen Chan are specially trained and experienced to help prepare your mouth for dental implants.

At Contemporary Facial & Oral Surgery, we offer sinus lift bone grafting for patients who need a stronger foundation for dental implant placement in the upper jaw. We use minimally invasive techniques that promote rapid healing and reduce impact on surrounding tissues.

Our team will recommend the appropriate sedation options to ensure your comfort throughout treatment. During your sinus lift procedure, our surgeon will gently graft new bone tissue to reinforce your existing bone structure. In many cases, this graft will even stimulate the growth of additional natural bone tissue as you heal.

Once your sinus lift is complete and your bone has finished the growth and healing process, we will re-evaluate your readiness for dental implant placement. Our team will confirm that you now have sufficient upper jaw bone structure to anchor dental implants and will recommend a personalized treatment plan for your smile.

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