Facial Cosmetic Procedures | Revitalize your youthful self

  • Double Eyelids – Recreate the natural contour of the eyelid by removing loose or sagging skin that can create folds and disturb your vision.
  • Drooping Eyebrows – Reduce wrinkles, improve your frown lines, and raise drooping eyebrows. Let us place your eyebrows in their natural, youthful position.
  • Chin Implants – Also known as mentoplastoplasty, we resurface and enhance your chin with the addition of an implant. Improve the overall harmony of your facial features and create balance between your chin, jaw, cheeks, and forehead.
  • Cheek Implants – Cheek augmentation adds to the volume and/or lifts your cheeks. As we age, our cheeks naturally lose volume and sometimes even sag.  Implantation is a powerful solution to give you the desired facial contours.