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Surgical Treatment for Braces – Ensuring Orthodontic Success 

Having Orthognathic Surgery

Prior to starting orthodontic treatment, your dentist or orthodontist may refer you to our practice for oral surgery. Oral surgery can help increase the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment, especially for patients whose teeth have not finished growing into place. Dr. Phan and Dr. Chan can ensure that teeth have ample space to grow into position correctly by exposing impacted teeth, removing a baby tooth that blocks its replacement, or by extracting a crowded tooth when needed.

We often treat young patients who are still in the process of losing their baby teeth as their adult teeth emerge. In some cases, baby teeth can be slow to fall out. As the new teeth erupt, space can be tight and the adult teeth may begin to grow in a sideways position. In these instances, Dr. Phan and Dr. Chan can perform an extraction of the blocking baby tooth to allow sufficient space for the permanent tooth to develop properly.

Extraction can also benefit young adults and older patients as well. Wisdom teeth often require extraction because they frequently erupt without enough space in the rear of your mouth. This can greatly impact the health of your other teeth, and can lead to discomfort, infection, and other complications.

Oral surgery can also improve the health of an impacted tooth. Dr. Phan and Dr. Chan can perform a minor surgery to expose the impacted tooth and allow it to emerge. In some cases, we may recommend the placement of a fixed anchorage implement to help guide the tooth into its proper position.

Our oral surgery team understands the impact improper tooth placement can have on your oral health and your overall health. Significant oral health complications can arise due to improperly aligned teeth. TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder), a disorder of the joint that is responsible for the opening and closing of your jaw, can result from tooth misalignment. Additionally, improperly aligned teeth can lead to persistent discomfort, pain, and even headaches. Oral surgery can help alleviate and prevent these issues by relieving pressure and assisting with orthodontic alignment treatment.

Dr. Chan and Dr. Phan will work closely with your orthodontist to carefully evaluate your orthodontic treatment plan and ensure you receive the care you need. Through oral surgery, we can make your orthodontic treatment more effective and achieve your desired results.

We invite you to contact Contemporary Facial & Oral Surgery to learn more about oral surgery for orthodontic treatment.