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Contemporary Facial and Oral Surgery is proud to offer traditional and expanded scope oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures. Our services range from dentoalveolar surgery to reconstructive surgery with implants to minimially invasive cosmetic surgery. There is a full range of sedation/anesthesia options to ensure that your surgery is delivered in the safest and most comfortable way. Below is a summary of services offered.

Extraction of teeth and preparation of jaws for dentures
Alveoloplasty is the surgical shaping and smoothing of the margins of the tooth socket and jaw bone after extraction of teeth, generally in preparation for the placement of dentures, to avoid sharp bone spurs.

Reconstruction of facial fractures and lacerations due to trauma
With training in Level I trauma centers as well as dual schooling in dentistry and medicine, we are uniquely qualified and skilled to treat facial trauma.

Facial cosmetic procedures including eyelid surgery, and cheek/chin implants
If you desire a stronger chin or cheek support, “double” eyelids, or remove drooping eyebrows, there are several options available to address those concerns.

Exposure and bonding of impacted teeth for orthodontics
Exposure and bonding of a bracket to the impacted tooth will allow your orthodontist to help move the tooth into the proper place.

Corrective (orthognathic) jaw surgery for improper bite or jaw repositioning
Drastically improves facial appearance by correcting protruding jaws and open bites thus improving health and function. Improper bites may lead to jaw muscle pain or problems, accelerated wear on existing teeth and asymmetric facial tissue support.